Artemis – ‘Ella’ Exclusive Music Video

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Artemis – ‘Ella’ Exclusive Music Video

Here’s a little (and long-awaited) token of love – the new video for ‘Ella’ from the Auralei EP.  The video was actually completed quite awhile back, but as it was in rotation in the film festival circuit, we had to wait to release it.  The video premiered in 2011 at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, and also won the John Muir Award for best music video at the Yosemite Film Festival – that was quite an honor and a nice surprise!  I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed being part of its creation.



Video concept, direction, and animation by Nicky Cairney, an artist from Aberdeen, Scotland

Photos and video footage shot by Keith Crusher of RTFM Records:

Nicky’s animations can be found at:

Nicky is also a musical artist at RTFM Records:

Download the Artemis song ‘Ella’ or the entire Auralei IP (pay what you want) on Bandcamp:

About the video:

The video for Ella was conceived, directed and executed by Nicky Cairney.  Keith Crusher took photos and shot video of me according to Nicky’s instructions and sketches, and she very painstakingly transformed those still and motion shots into beautiful hand-drawn animations.  The animation of the eagle landing took many hours to create.  One highlight of the creative process was shooting the video footage for the animated shot of me falling off the cliff and becoming the eagle.  To do this, I had to literally ‘fall off a cliff’ with arms spread wide – we used a rickety table about 1.5 meters high, and I swan dove into a pile of couch cushions generously provided by Lynda Arnold at the Oakland Noodle Factory, where some footage was shot.  Managed to avoid whiplash. We may post some of the original footage soon, just for a laugh.  Beach footage was shot in Marin County, California.  It was incredibly cold.  I was barefoot wearing my grandmother’s nightgown.  A woman asked me if I had just gotten married.  That made me giggle.  I like doing cartwheels.

About the song:

The song Ella was inspired by the birth of my neice Ella Wilson in June 2008.  Much of the lyrics were inspired by the essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and reflect on the joys of being a child, having a child, and the beauty of the natural world and ourselves as its fleetingly embodied echoes and reflections.  When Ella was born on a warm evening in June, at home, there were literally and quite randomly fireworks in the sky outside the window as she came into the world.  Fittingly, her first word was “Bang!”


nature’s child
wildly wise
awoke and opened ancient joyful eyes
danced down from heaven
trailing fireworks cross the sky
bright soul shine ten thousand fireflies

lucky child
born of love
sunlight on water dancing
write our names on the wind

turning cartwheels on the sand
casting shadows on the sun
weaving blankets of light
digging secret gardens

lucky child
born of love
sunlight on water dancing
write our names on the wind

in the woods
on a winter afternoon
see your stained glass heart shining
adorned in colors of the western sky
seen through bare crossing branches high
cathedrals blossoming of stone
mountains of granite bloom eternal flowers
in stem and petal lotus and fern
trace your gypsy footsteps home

lucky child
born of love
sunlight on water dancing
write our names on the wind

to those not yet here
to all who have been
offer these hands
for you to begin again

give to her
she give back ten times to you

may we always be together

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