Artemis – Kickstarter for new album ‘Sephyra’

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Artemis – Kickstarter for new album ‘Sephyra’

Artemis presents a lush, sensual new album plus a music video with acclaimed choreographer Robert Dekkers and dancers of SF Post:Ballet





The new album is done!  I’m thrilled to announce that Sephyra is mixed, mastered, and ready to go off to the press. The songs are eagerly awaiting the chance to jump into your ears and wiggle into your heart. All we’ve got to do is put a pretty bow on them and they’ll be off like a prom dress…

This is where YOU come in. I will press CDs and VINYL (yippee, it’s a first!), and make a music video with San Francisco Post:Ballet artistic director Robert Dekkers and his acclaimed dancers – rehearsals are underway! I also hope to collaborate with a team of talented artists to create an art book to visualize the journey of the music.

And this music has been a journey.  One of rising up, falling down, and getting up again a bit stronger and wiser.  Over and over.  Like humans do.  The album was a few years in the making, but the songs span a greater distance.  Some are new, some were conceived in the last millennium.  Some I wrote on my own, and others are the fruits of collaborations with various genius composers, producers and musicians.  Several songs went through many incarnations before finding their way here.

Join me for this final leg of the journey, and I’ll share the behind-the-scenes stories, snapshots, and snippets, the dreams and poetry that became songs, and where on earth the name Sephyra came from.  You’ll hear from the artists who contributed to this work, and I’ll share my process of bringing the album and music video together as well.

There’s much I want to do.  While Sephyra is my sixth release, this is my first fundraising campaign, so aiming for a BIG SUCCESS, we’ll start with the basics and add on goodies if we exceed our goals.


Join our Kickstarter and get the goods!




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