Artemis came to us from the East Coast, a place where integrity and intelligence are essential to survival. Balance this out with her creative fire, fed by the fuel of the great poets – Rilke, Pablo Naruda, and Walt Whitman, and the powerful artistic legacy of countless musical sages, and we begin to see a picture of Artemis.

Music and poetry flow together in this cosmic seamstress, as she weaves together water and fire to bring us her own unforgettable voice. She is not satisfied with convention, but neither is she interested in being overly ham-fisted in her progressive tendencies. She may write songs in 15/8 meter, but she will never sacrifice emotional content for innovation.

Some will say she reminds them of Bjork, others of Lamb or EBTG. Ultimately, Artemis’ talent places her in the enviable position of ‘peer’ next to these artists, making her influences known throughout her music without sounding like an imitation. Her vocal style is at once dynamically emotional and serenely tender, but always evocative. She gives one the feeling that her search is not a selfish one. She’s trying to mine the depths of her self in order to help us all understand the multifaceted nature of being human.

Listen to the music. It’s all there.

Like a force of nature, or a celestial body, Artemis radiates a magnetism which inevitably draws other like-minded individuals to her. RTFM is a great metaphor for this. Artemis, along with Keith Crusher and their cohorts, has helped create the foundation for a vision larger than themselves – a vision that, without her boundless and unique charisma, would not be what it is today. Her release, ‘Undone’ is what started the whole thing in the first place. No album could be a more appropriate flagship for what is to come.


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