Lynda Arnold is a jack of all trades in the music business, simultaneously operating as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, performer and educator. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lynda performs and produces as ‘Divasonic‘ molding her own sound of downtempo, house and d-n-b mixed with ethereal vocals and jazz flute inprovisations.

Her label credits include EMI, Clubstar (Germany), Cyberset (SF), Epiphyte (SF) and her own label, Digital Bliss.

She got started at an early age by taking dance lessons, then adding piano and flute to her repertoire. “My parents said I always had talent with rhythm and my ability to move to the music,” says Lynda. “Even though I was trained as an instrumentalist, it’s no surprise that I enjoy playing around with rhythms. Dancing was my artistic escape during my teenage years when I was learning classical music. ” After earning a classical music degree from DePauw University and a recording/production degree from Ex’pression College for the Digital Arts, Lynda started producing and performing her own music in 2000. She says her real release as a musician came when she started to improvise and program her own music after her classical training ended.

“I started to put down what I was hearing in my head,” she says. “There’s nothing like creating in the moment.” Lynda’s extensive performance schedule has included a variety of projects, from performing with electronic and live bands to putting on shows with renowned DJs. When she’s not on stage, she is recording with an assortment of Bay Area artists and producers or composing music for herself or other projects, such as the acclaimed multimedia dance troupe Capacitor.

She also has her own production company, Digital Bliss Productions, whose goal is to bring more attention to women producers in the male-dominated field of electronic music. Some such efforts include sponsoring performances and releasing compilations, all of which focus on women producers and vocalists. Her only regret? Not getting started earlier. “I would have started making music earlier if I had been exposed to rock or pop or had the resources that a city like San Francisco has, ” Lynda recalls. “Due to my constant classical training throughout college, I never joined a ‘rock band’ or formed a group to play original music. When I started to do this after recording school, it was the artistic breakthrough that I needed. Like a great friend of mine says, ‘a fine wine takes time.’ “


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