Hands Upon Black Earth

Hands Upon Black Earth

Set on a reliable path from the first beats, the music of Hands Upon Black Earth evolves organically… swelling into a presence, ripe and provocative, and ebbing gracefully into submission. It carries emotion and summons release… seductive and soothing when so inclined, well scripted and perfectly unpredictable.

Over the course of 3 full-length releases, Cochran has been joined by vocalist and collaborator Irina Mikhailova (formerly of Medicine Drum and currently of Lumin, Kaya Project and others), as well as additional collaborations with downtempo producer and cellist Rena Jones (Native State/Aleph Zero), singers and composers Artemis, Sharon Knight and Celeste Lear.

Sometimes echoing the moody downtempo of Massive Attack meets Solar Fields, the ethereal lushness of Ulrich Schnauss meets Sigur Ros, and the sensual, hungry rhythms of Bassnectar meets Cheb I Sabbah… h.u.b.e. music is an amalgamation of traditional electronica styles, infused with new and exciting energy that pushes the edges of contemporary music, and grounds itself in the universal medium of Bass, Beats, and Beauty.

These are songs that mix the ancient salt of tide pools with the gleam of mercury; natural ambiences tastefully introduced and skillfully blended, pulsing and undulating rhythms fused with soothing strings and electronic textures… awakening the body to movement while opening the mind to infinite possibilities… h.u.b.e. music is a gateway to the uncharted territory within us all.



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