Nicky Cairney

Nicky Cairney

Blending gentle earthy tones, haunting trip-hop vibes, catchy pop hooks and Celtic landscape dreams into a world all of it’s own, this singer songwriter has come a long way since working with electronic acts such as Elemental, Ammonite and Biomechanoid. Now in the beginning of her solo carer, the Scottish lass will take you on a journey “Beneath The Hills & Fairy Tales” and to a place of heart felt truth, pure emotion and a sound-scape paradise.

Her debut EP, which was released at the beginning of 2005, has been grabbing the attention of music lovers and musicians from Scotland right through to California, where her songs were produced with the help of the exceptionally talented and inspiring artist/producer Daniel Berkman.

The CD offers a timeless but modern approach to song writing and production. She combines her love of folk, pop and electronic music as an introduction to her musical exploration. With the album in the making and a website on the way, there will be much more to look forward to from the Scottish lass. Don’t miss out on treating your ears to this incredibly beautiful and original piece of work, or to her latest release ‘No Angel’.

Nicky (aka Miss Artimation) is also an accomplished animator having worked on the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign and won the John Muir Award at the Yosemite Film Festival for her work on Artemis‘ ‘Ella’ music video.


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