Daniel Durrett – hello, inner sunset

Posted by on February 20, 2010 in Blog, Daniel Durrett, Releases

Daniel Durrett – hello, inner sunset

Evolving at a rapid pace, the latest album by Daniel Durrett, entitled hello, inner sunset, takes you on a trip through various genres, moods, and thrills that gives you a sneak peak into the artist’s wide range of musical talents.

Written and recorded by Durrett himself, hello, inner sunset entails the storyboard of the raw feelings of uprooting a comfortable yet unfulfilled life that follows society’s rules, to a life where dreams and compassion are more important than security and possessions. This album in its entirety feels like an award-winning full-length feature film that in the end leaves you with a head of oxymoron-filled emotions and wanting to take the trip again.

The whole album, although it is very rock-folk based, drifts into icy, ethereal, and dreamlike electronic textures that make pinpointing an exact genre quite a feat. Maybe somewhere in between Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Beck could one find a centerpiece for hello, inner sunset.


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