New Release Coming January 10th – Lila Rose ‘Heart Machine’!

Posted by on December 31, 2011 in Blog, Lila Rose

New Release Coming January 10th – Lila Rose ‘Heart Machine’!

Heart Machine is a hard-hitting debut album for Canadian born/California based singer/songwriter Lila Rose. Showcasing a wide sonic pallet, the album bends the genres of indie-pop, electronica, trip-hop and alternative rock. The range of sound is what makes the album a sure winner for just about any listener.

Co-produced by David Earl (aka SFLogicNinja), the album has been labeled “cinematic indie-pop” based on the merging of Davids’ grandiose cinematic arrangement and Lila’s anthemic, emotionally driven lyrical content and striking vocals.

From high operatic vocalization, strong hooky choruses to passionate haunting harmonies, Lilas’ voice takes you on a brilliant journey with its varying tone, texture, and intensity. Besides lyrics that dig straight into the heart with their raw, honest, evocative content, each song also promises to unfurl into an ending filled with hope and inspiration, leaving the listener with goose bumps.

From full orchestras, taiko drum ensembles, gospel choirs and big pop beats, to simple acoustic guitar, this album will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what could possibly come next.

One thing is certain though – you are promised to fall in love with the quirky, heartful artist by the end of the album. In songwriting, voice, and personality Lila is a true one-of-a-kind star on the rise, with cutting edge artistry ready to push the envelope at every turn.


Lila Rose – Heart Machine is available on:

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